Thursday, 7 September 2017

DBN23 Genappe 1815

More Napoleonic action from the 100 Days Campaign.  The Anglo-British Army is retreating from Quatre Bras to Waterloo.  The village of Genappe rests upon the River Dyle, the French would advance to meet the rearguard force commanded by Uxbridge.

Inspiration from two main sources, a Wargames Illustrated Article,  Retreat to Waterloo: Cavalry Action at Genappe & a scenario form the 'League of Augsberg'  (weblink below).  The Anglo-British forces must delay the French for ten turns.  Reinforcements would arrive from a randomly chosen pool of forces.  Spav took the French with Ney leading the way, yours truly the Brits under Uxbridge. On the table to begin with for the Brits, a Rocket & Horse Artillery Battery with some Rifle units.

The Union brigade arrive

The Rifles cover the road, with the Rockets & Horse Artillery covering either side.

French Light Cavalry & Light Infantry begin the chase.

Splendid, the Union Brigade.

Good CaP rolls & the French Light Cavalry splits up.

First time in action, the Rocket Troop.

Poor combat dice, the RHA inflict no damage.

A 'whoopsy', moment, I forget to 'shoot & scoot'.  The French Chasseurs are deadly. 

British Light Dragoons arrive.

More reinforcements, French Light Infantry & impressively, French Imperial Guard Cavalry.

The Rocket Troop get their act together.

Good CaPs for the Brits, part of the Union Brigade blocks the road.

A mighty wall across the road.

Pot shots form the Rifles

The French Light Infantry plan to take the rough ground.

The Inniskilling's deploy

'Le Crunch'

The French fight well

The British Household Cavalry arrive

Oh dear, the French are screaming for Cavalry  reinforcements, but more Infantry arrive.

The cavalry scrap continues, this time the Inniskilling's get the upper hand.

A few poor CaP rolls & Genappe becomes a bottleneck.

To make matters worse, the British combat rolls are spot on

In a frenzy of combat the Inniskilling's destroy the French Light.

At last French Heavies arrive, but the clock is ticking...

Enough CaP's for the British Rifles to retreat. 

There's enough French troops now to force back the British.


Brunswick Horse Artillery

Dutch Lancers

The French Light Infantry take the centre rough ground

The French advance is strangled from a lack of CaP points.

The British Dragoons take some casualties in a very late effort from the French.

However, time runs out for the French, the Brits are allowed to retreat in a orderly fashion.

Never mind, a tough one for the French.  We played a few more of this scenario, the trick like the Quatre Bras was for the French to RACE forward each time.

Anyway, we are gaming once more, with life returning to normal.  We plan on returning to our Longstreet Campaign for our next one.

Wargames Illustrated- Retreat to Waterloo: Cavalry Action at Genappe.
(available in their Waterloo PDF download)

League of Augsberg - Rearguard Action Near Genappe 17th June 1815

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

DBN Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry

Here are some French & British early war Heavy Cavalry.   Our gaming has had to take a back seat due to various reasons.  As a result, I've been painting a lot more, targeting the 'lead mountain' that we all have.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.  Another 100 days scenario is in the pipeline.

French Carabiniers

...from a variety of sources!

Four bases, just in case of a 'Big Base' game.

British Dragoons with the stylish Bicorne hat!

A fair few AB Minis & some conversions to fill the ranks. 

Again, enough for two 'Big Base' elements....

Splendid, I can't wait to see them charge ze French!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

DBN Quatre Bras 1815 - Part Two

The second part of our Quatre Bras game.  The Duke of Wellington has arrived & Allied troops rush to stem the line.  it would prove to be a very different encounter with the French suffering from a lack of CaP points.

The Duke of Brunswick arrives with his merry men.

Jerome's Light Infantry head for the wood

The British troops head for the cornfield

Slowly the Dutch-Belgium Light troops are forced back.

The Brunswick Light troops arrive to steady the flank

On the other flank, the British Jagers attack.
In the space of a few turns, the momentum on the field has changed.

Great overview, the French attack is being squeezed on the flanks.
With an average CaP score of 2 - 3, the French are forced to give ground in the centre to avoid being outflanked. 


French Heavy Cavalry arrives.
However having the CaP points to get them to the front would be another problem.

Reille finally leads an attack on Pierrepoint

The French 'Grand Battery' & a French Infantry Division are starved of CaPs

The Brunswick troops hold the flank.

Battle for the cornfield....

... the French are forced back.

The Brunswick Horse Artillery open up on the French.

Pierrepoint is about to fall.

Allied troops advance into the cornfield

For any chance of a minor French victory, that wood will need to be captured.

The Duke of Brunswick leads forward an attack.

The French are being forced out of the cornfield.

Splendid, Spav builds enough CaPs for combined arms attack.

The game is only going in one direction now.

Bah Humbug!

The French Infantry Brigade in the cornfield is destroyed.

The Allied line is balancing out now.

Reille finally gets back to the front line with Jerome's troops.

I have a brief flicker of imagination for a Cavalry charge..... very brief.

On the French right flank, another brief flicker of movement.

The Duke of Brunswick continues his advance.

Time is running out for the French.

The French right flank, I'm screaming at the CaP die!

Oh wonderful, the British Guards Division arrives.

It's now 1900 hours in game time, with an hour to go.
There's no way the French are going to force this one now.
We agree to terms, it's a draw.
AArrghh! A game of two half's.   It couldn't of went any better for the French during the first half, however as the Allied reinforcements arrive & the low French CaP rolls, the game momentum changed rapidly.  Placing the French Artillery on the right proved to be a boon at first, then they were redundant for the 2nd phase of the game.

We changed sides & had another game with very different results.  Spav couldn't get the French moving, with most of the Allied strong-points holding out until Allied reinforcements arrived.  a tough scenario for the French player, if you are looking for a challenging game, this is the one!