Wednesday, 18 October 2017

DBN24 The Road to Jena 1806

A return to small scale DBN Battles now with a 16 point aside meeting engagement.  1806 Prussia, Boney sends in the lads for another campaign.  Both sides would have to take half the force from Light troops.  Also each side would have a sub-commander with a CaP allocation to aid command & control.  SPAV took ze French, while yours truly the Prussians.

Prussian Army
General ( d6-1 CaP), Sub-Commander (+2 CaP),  Light Cavalry x2, Elite Jager x2, Light Infantry x4, Elite Musket x2, Musket x4,

French Army
General ( d6+1 CaP), Sub-Commander (+2 CaP),  Light Cavalry x2, Light Infantry x6, Elite Musket x2, Musket x4, Horse Artillery x1

The mighty Prussians

Ze French 

The Battlefield, SPAV won the initiative roll & picked which side of
the board he would have.  Both sides would advance via two roads.

Prussian Hussars.

French Chasseurs a Cheval

It's General Baguette leading the Light troops...

The Battle takes shape.

SPAV sends the Light Cavalry & Horse Artillery to his right flank.

Great initial CaP rolls, the French advance quickly.

On the other flank it would be a scrap of the Light Infantry.

Oh Lovely! I manage to get the Elite Prussian Jagers into a piece of rough terrain.

Their aim is true, casualties for the French Cavalry.

It's a great match up for the Prussians.

Splendid firepower from the Prussian Fusiliers!!!

The French column advances...

Great stuff, SPAV is flapping already & having to redeploy his troops.

The French reinforce their left flank.

It's looking good for the Prussians.  A French Light Infantry element is eliminated.

I love this picture, the Battle is in full swing.

The Cavalry are lining up for a scrap.

CHARGE!!!  Everyone piles in. 

Death or Glory!!!  Whose Cavalry would win?

SPAV's die hits the ceiling! The French combat rolls are pants.

Another French casualty.

The French left retires....

Those PESKY Jagers.  The French attack in the centre is stunted.
Two precious elements have to be used to clear the Jagers.

Casualties mount for both sides, the Jagers retire.

Overview!!!  The French attack is floundering.
The Prussian right flank is now going to swing round.

Attack of  'Jester' the mad cat. 
3 troop elements go flying & he runs off with a tree!!!

The game is suspended & I run around the house to catch the cat.
The game resumes & the Prussians advance. 

The Prussian Cavalry charge into the French Light Infantry.

Combat goes the Prussians way.  The French are forced back.

The French column is slowly advancing, casualties are heavy for both sides.

The French left is a shambles.  

Again the Prussian Infantry is forced back.

Oh my oh my!!!  The Prussian Hussars are invincible......

Breakthrough, the power of Cavalry in DBN.
Both Hussar elements advance into another combat.

HHHmm.... What's going to happen next?

A Prussian victory! An absolute bloodbath.

Wagners 'Ride of the Valkyries' belts out on the CD player as I mock SPAV's performance.  A splendid DBN game, the balance was just right, CaP rolls were great for both sides allowing good movement.  We both agree that SPAV choose the wrong side of the battlefield.  Allowing the Prussian Jagers into that the rough ground was a major plus for the Prussians.  It was like a brick wall for the Prussians.

Right then, I will now crack on painting up the Prussian 1806 Army.  Pictures to follow.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

DBN23 Genappe 1815

More Napoleonic action from the 100 Days Campaign.  The Anglo-British Army is retreating from Quatre Bras to Waterloo.  The village of Genappe rests upon the River Dyle, the French would advance to meet the rearguard force commanded by Uxbridge.

Inspiration from two main sources, a Wargames Illustrated Article,  Retreat to Waterloo: Cavalry Action at Genappe & a scenario form the 'League of Augsberg'  (weblink below).  The Anglo-British forces must delay the French for ten turns.  Reinforcements would arrive from a randomly chosen pool of forces.  Spav took the French with Ney leading the way, yours truly the Brits under Uxbridge. On the table to begin with for the Brits, a Rocket & Horse Artillery Battery with some Rifle units.

The Union brigade arrive

The Rifles cover the road, with the Rockets & Horse Artillery covering either side.

French Light Cavalry & Light Infantry begin the chase.

Splendid, the Union Brigade.

Good CaP rolls & the French Light Cavalry splits up.

First time in action, the Rocket Troop.

Poor combat dice, the RHA inflict no damage.

A 'whoopsy', moment, I forget to 'shoot & scoot'.  The French Chasseurs are deadly. 

British Light Dragoons arrive.

More reinforcements, French Light Infantry & impressively, French Imperial Guard Cavalry.

The Rocket Troop get their act together.

Good CaPs for the Brits, part of the Union Brigade blocks the road.

A mighty wall across the road.

Pot shots form the Rifles

The French Light Infantry plan to take the rough ground.

The Inniskilling's deploy

'Le Crunch'

The French fight well

The British Household Cavalry arrive

Oh dear, the French are screaming for Cavalry  reinforcements, but more Infantry arrive.

The cavalry scrap continues, this time the Inniskilling's get the upper hand.

A few poor CaP rolls & Genappe becomes a bottleneck.

To make matters worse, the British combat rolls are spot on

In a frenzy of combat the Inniskilling's destroy the French Light.

At last French Heavies arrive, but the clock is ticking...

Enough CaP's for the British Rifles to retreat. 

There's enough French troops now to force back the British.


Brunswick Horse Artillery

Dutch Lancers

The French Light Infantry take the centre rough ground

The French advance is strangled from a lack of CaP points.

The British Dragoons take some casualties in a very late effort from the French.

However, time runs out for the French, the Brits are allowed to retreat in a orderly fashion.

Never mind, a tough one for the French.  We played a few more of this scenario, the trick like the Quatre Bras was for the French to RACE forward each time.

Anyway, we are gaming once more, with life returning to normal.  We plan on returning to our Longstreet Campaign for our next one.

Wargames Illustrated- Retreat to Waterloo: Cavalry Action at Genappe.
(available in their Waterloo PDF download)

League of Augsberg - Rearguard Action Near Genappe 17th June 1815